Sealed Crawlspace

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At Fresh Air Technologies, we provide residential sealed crawl space and crawl space encapsulation services for clients living in and around the Charlotte, NC area. If you need to address mold damage or a wet crawl space in your home, one of our professional team members can schedule an appointment with you to take notes on the crawl space’s condition. If a wet crawl space is left to deteriorate, it can lead to rotting wood, mold accumulation and other air quality issues in your home.

When the Fresh Air team works on your crawl space issues, we always work to reduce the dust in your home’s living area, which reduces the chances of mold, insect and rodent infestation. Additionally, when we insulate your home’s foundation walls, this increases the overall energy efficiency of the home by an average of 10 to 15% and ultimately reduces your home energy cost. This in turn actually increases the property value of your home. When we seal your crawl space, it protects your investment by controlling excessive moisture in the crawlspace and significantly reduces the chance of moisture-related damage. Additionally, your house will be easier to sell compared to a house with unsealed crawl spaces.

We take into account that each crawl space is different, so we will custom design a solution for each individual home. Since there are several methods to encapsulate a crawl space, we choose the one that best suits your needs. The Fresh Air team only uses the highest quality and most durable materials on the market. We pride ourselves on the aesthetic of the final product. That is why we are trusted to install for the area’s top builders and re-modelers. Our dedicated crawlspace team only installs sealed crawlspaces and the same crew will stay on your project from start to finish. Additionally, our attention to detail and quality control is well known throughout Charlotte and it allows us to extend a 25-year limited warranty on the final product.