Dry Ice Blasting

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Fresh Air Technologies was the first among Charlotte dry ice blasting companies to pioneer the use of Charlotte dry ice blasting mold remediation in the Charlotte area. Throughout the years, our team of dry ice blasting experts have demonstrated the use of dry ice blasting as safe, thorough and effective alternative to harsh chemical cleaning of our client’s homes.
The blasting stream overcomes many of the common obstacles found in crawl spaces such as nails and piping that make it difficult to get around using the traditional brushing and sanding techniques. This Charlotte dry ice blasting technique works by micro-abrading the wood allowing us to safely disrupt the root system of the mold further enhancing the removal. The process is completely safe for the wood and the micro-abraded surface leaves the building material looking as if it just came from the lumber yard.
Charlotte dry ice blasting can also be used for the removal of soot as part of a fire restoration project or the cleaning of an interior brick or stone fireplace. The Charlotte dry ice blasting process does not a create a mess and can be used anywhere in your home. Our trained technicians use the newest and most technologically advanced equipment to guarantee the same unmatched quality of work that we have offered for years.