Radon Mitigation

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Radon is a chemical element that is a radioactive, odorless, tasteless gas, occurring naturally as a decay product of igneous rock found in and around the Charlotte area. Radon is considered a health hazard due to its radioactivity. If a person becomes exposed to radon gas it can increase the risk of developing lung cancer. Radon gas is heavier than air, and can accumulate in basements and Charlotte crawl spaces of homes, negatively affecting the indoor air quality of homes.
If you are concerned that you might have radon in your home or business and are looking for radon mitigation companies in your area, please contact us today to get a radon inspection and a radon test completed. The presence and amount of radon in your home can only be determined by a radon laboratory analysis. Independent radon inspectors or homeowners themselves can conduct testing as long as they follow EPA’s easy to follow testing protocol to deliver professional results. Any results with radon levels above the EPA action level of 4pCi/L need to be mitigated.