Crawl Space Mold Removal

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Crawl spaces are the most vulnerable place in your home for growing mold due to the high amounts of moisture and humidity found in them. In fact, many people do not realize how much mold they have under the home, which is why we recommend calling the crawl space mold removal experts of Fresh Air to inspect your wet crawl space. Crawl space mold spores can permeate through the air flow of your home through penetrations in the sub-floor or through leaky air ducts. If your wet crawl space is developing mold growth it will eventually cause structural damage to wood and create poor Charlotte air quality inside of your home. If you believe you have a moldy crawl space or moldy basement, call a crawl space mold removal expert today!

If you have concerns that your moldy crawl space needs Charlotte mold removal, please contact Fresh Air Technologies today for a free mold removal inspection. Our crawl space mold removal inspector will survey your property, collect environmental data and photograph any mold removal areas that may negatively affect your Charlotte air quality. The Charlotte mold removal inspectors of Fresh Air will then email you a report of your mold remediation findings and a no-obligation estimate for mold removal repair costs. It is important to not leave a moldy crawl space sit, because mold can cause heath problems and structural damage to your home.

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