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Fresh Air believes that educating all parties involved and providing practical solutions to mold and moisture problems is why we are involved in more real estate transactions that anyone else in Charlotte. Crawl space inspection for Charlotte mold remediation is only one piece of the puzzle!

Realtor Resources

Realtor Resources

We encourage realtors to utilize Fresh Air’s Certified Home Program© for anyone interested in buying or selling their home. The program is designed to identify potential issues with the property that could negatively affect the sale of the property. The information collected during the site visit is compiled in an easy to understand report that prioritizes issues in an easy to understand format.  By using this proactive approach of Charlotte mold inspections, sellers and agents will be aware of the unknowns that may disrupt the sale; repairs can be made within their budget and at their own pace. By making the recommended repairs, the aesthetics of the home will improve, attracting more buyers. Home Inspectors will have less to look at and report. It is much better to deal with repairs on the seller’s terms, not on the buyer’s.

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  • Had a real estate sale fall apart due to the discovery of mold and/or moisture issues in the home that you are selling?
  • Wished that you knew more about mold & moisture and how it relates to the transactions of real estate and related liability issues?
  • Wished that you had a reliable & reputable company that you can refer that specializes in mold & moisture intrusion and that can provide practical & common sense solutions to these issues that are satisfactory to the needs of both the buyers and sellers of real estate?
Realtor Resources
Certified Home Program

10-Point Crawl Space Inspection

1 Humidity levels in the crawl space
2 Moisture content of the wood surfaces in the crawl space
3 Visual Microbial Assessment
4 Water intrusion issues on the foundation walls
5 Cleanliness & Air Leak Check in HVAC ductwork
6 Functionality of installed equipment (condensate drain pump/ sump pump / dehumidifier)
7 Current condition of interior ground cover (vapor barrier)
8 Current condition of floor insulation
9 Current condition of the crawl space vents
10 Current condition of the dryer vent duct

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Below you will find a partial list of the realtors that use and depend on Fresh Air Technologies for all of their clients’ indoor air quality and environmental service needs. These are the realtors that we trust to help you with all of your Real Estate needs. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in or around the Charlotte area, please choose one of these realtors to help you through that process.

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I recently discovered a mild mold problem in my crawlspace and begin my search for a company to remediate. Fresh Air Tech. seemed to have the best treatment plan for my situation and was the most competitive when it came down to the price. I had the mold removed/sprayed with prevention chemicals, crawlspace cleaned with a new vapor barrier and a dehumidifier installed. I didn't know what to expect never having to deal with this before but I can ensure you these guys do not cut corners and did an excellent job. The cleaning crew (3 guys) arrived about 8AM and were under the house until about 4:45PM cleaning and sanding taking a quick 30 minute lunch break around noon. They returned the next day to install the vapor barrier and to finish cleaning up. The dehumidifier also comes with a monitor that displays the temp and moisture level down in the crawlspace which i thought was pretty cool. Excellent job, thanks again team.
Gary Young
Gary Young
03:16 14 Aug 17
Great company - thanks Neil & team for a job well done!
Carl Zimmerman
Carl Zimmerman
15:31 26 Jun 15
Mike, your page is looking Great!
Geary Morris
Geary Morris
15:10 31 Oct 13

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Fresh Air Technologies provides Charlotte area clients a FREE 11-point Attic & Crawl Space Inspection Report! Please contact us for a free air quality estimate and free air quality inspection services.

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