Professional HVAC Commercial Coil Restoration & Cleaning Services

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Fresh Air Technologies has partnered with environmental firms from across the country to develop the most effective HVAC commercial coil restoration and business coil cleaning in the Charlotte area. Our use of a proprietary probiotic cleaner and high pressure steam allows us to get even the most inefficient, contaminated and underperforming coils running like new.

The Coil Restoration Process

Our Charlotte coil cleaning, restoration and optimization process will:

  • Increase System Performance
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Extend Equipment Life Cycles
  • Improve IAQ / Occupant Comfort

The Problem – Biofilm/Biological Contamination

Biofilm affects internal & external surfaces of HVAC coils. Bacteria grows in/on coils and fins clogging them and reducing the efficiency of the system. Bacteria on coils & fins can generate odors that become a severe irritant and can lead to known health issues.

You will find that HVAC Coils and Biofilm. Labs use a “Drip Flow Bio Reactor” to grow Biofilm. It consists of a flat piece of metal that has a small constant amount of water dripping onto it that is left to flow off so that airborne microbes can attach & interact with the surface.

Consequences of Biofilm

Biofilm will cause increased costs due to lower system performance levels requiring increased energy. The increased stress on your equipment will cause reduced life cycles and Biofilm even has several health & comfort risks due to odor & indoor air quality.

Internal Coil Maintenance Process

The key to this process is using foam instead of water. We are able to pass liquid foam through the closed loop that has the ability to combine an abrasive clearing effect on the inside of the coil tubing while also delivering our cleaning agent. The foam is easily created on site using proprietary patent pending technology developed by Blue Box Foam.

About Our HVAC Products

  • Environmentally Safe / Certified Green
  • Safe to use / Hypo Allergenic

What Our HVAC Products Do

  • Restore Lost Performance of HVAC Coils & Towers
  • Save Money by Lowering Energy Costs

How Our HVAC Products Are Different

  • Impact Biological Contamination / Biofilm
  • pH Neutral So Not Harmful To The Coils & Chillers
  • Provides Ongoing Savings & Performance

Value Proposition of Our HVAC Products

  • Energy Savings through Performance, Maintenance & Protection
  • Equipment Life Cycle Extension

HVAC Restoration Product Applications

  • External Coil Cleaning (ECC)
  • External Coil Maintenance (ECM)
  • Internal Coil Cleaning (ICC)
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning (CTC)

External Coil Ongoing Preventative Maintenance

The main objective is to help prevent the reformation of Biological Contamination on the external surfaces of the coil. When performed properly you will be able to maintain the benefits from external Charlotte coil cleaning resulting in performance gains & energy savings.