Why Cooling Tower Cleaning Is Important

July 09th, 2018
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When's the last time you cleaned your cooling tower?

Cooling towers play a crucial role in everything from air-conditioning to electric power. But cleaning these systems is often an afterthought for their owners.

Cooling tower cleaning is essential both in terms of managing the efficiency of your system and in protecting its health. It's so important that The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends cleaning your system at least twice per year.

Why is cooling tower cleaning and maintenance such a big deal? Read on to find out why.

Reduce Hazards

Cooling towers reduce water temperature and provide clean air. At least, that's the case when owners properly clean them.

Dirty cooling towers are a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria growth is common in cooling towers because they provide an ideal environment for incubation. Bacteria have the air, water, and minerals to flourish in a cooling tower.

Bacteria build-up is especially problematic in the winter. The lack of water circulation allows for even more bacteria growth and health hazards.

Cooling tower maintenance and cleaning can eliminate the bacteria before it gets too widespread. Clean and disinfect your tower in the cool and warm months to keep it bacteria free.

Increase Lifespan

Did you know the average lifespan of a cooling tower is 15 to 25 years?

The key to cooling tower longevity isn't expensive refurbishments. It's proper maintenance.

Untreated cooling towers suffer from corrosion. Corrosion can impact pieces that are instrumental to survival. Your tube sheets, water pipes, and base metal are all vulnerable to corrosion without proper cleaning.

Corrosion is a slippery slope for a cooling tower. It can lead to mill scale, which leaves harmful rust chips that accelerate tower deterioration.

What does that mean for you? Expensive repairs and a shortened lifespan.

You can extend your cooling tower's life through chemical cleanings. Chemical treatments not only stop the spread of corrosion, they also keep your tower running like a well-oiled machine. They can alleviate flow issues, cooling issues, and the spread of bacteria.

Algae Protection

Have you ever had a fish tank? Then you know how easy it is for algae to spread.

Algae is also an issue in cooling towers, especially when the water is exposed to natural sunlight. Living algae can wreak havoc on your system. It plays host to a number of bacteria strains and also expedites corrosion.

Dead algae can be just as harmful. It provides nutrients for bacteria, which allow it to spread. It also can clog drainage systems.

Algae can spread like wildfire - so it's best to treat it early. You should scrub and disinfect your tower to prevent further issues. You may also have to manually dispose of dead algae debris.

Algae is a silent killer for cooling towers. Take the time to clean your system to protect it from harm's way.

Your Cooling Tower Cleaning

There's no denying the importance of cooling tower cleaning. Use these tips to keep your system in check and to save yourself big money on repairs and replacements.

Are you looking for cooling tower cleaning? We can help. Contact us for a free inspection today.