What are the Benefits of a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

January 08th, 2019
crawl space vapor barrier.jpeg

Whether you're building a new home or renovating an older one, there are many additions to consider that may or may not be worth your money and effort.

A crawl space vapor barrier, however, is one such addition that you can't very well go without. Having this vapor barrier in place is one of the most effective things you can do to prevent moisture from harming your health or damaging your home. 

So what are the benefits of a crawl space barrier? Read on to learn more.

The Ability To Control Temperature

If too much moisture is present in your home, it can be difficult to control the overall temperature.

Moisture impacts humidity levels, so you may end up feeling like you need to run your air conditioning or furnace more than you typically would to try to control the temperature. When you seal your crawl space barrier, you keep moisture at bay and reduce the extra energy costs that come with trying to control the temperature. 

A Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Limits Dampness

When moisture begins to gather, it can start to seep through your walls and beneath the dirt floor underneath your home's foundation. As moisture levels grow in your crawl space, it also promotes the growth of mildew and mold.

The presence of mold or mildew can be very dangerous to your health and the health of others living in your home, so you should consider adding a vapor barrier to your crawl space to keep it from forming.

Mold and mildew can also jeopardize the integrity of your home's structure due to rotting wood. And the smell of mold or mildew growth is never pleasant. 

By adding a crawl space vapor barrier, you keep moisture from entering your home, and in so doing, prevent any future damage to your home due to rusted metal, rotting wood, or soggy drywall. A sealed off crawl space is a dry crawl space, making the formation of mold much less likely.  

Minimize the Potential of Electrical Hazards

Electricity and moisture don't mix. Moisture can cause electric shorts and rusty wires. This is a recipe for disaster and a big fire hazard.

Wires that have become damp can also lead to electrocution making entering your crawl space particularly dangerous. A crawl space vapor barrier protects both you and your wires. 

Protect Your Pipes

Crawl spaces are crammed with sewer and water pipes. As moisture settles on the pipes, they begin to rust. Older homes, in particular, are susceptible to the break down of their pipes. Vapor barriers will preserve your pipes from breaking down from years of exposure to moisture. 

Replacing all your pipes can be very expensive. It's worth the time and money to take preventative measures by putting a vapor barrier in place to begin with.  

Have A Vapor Barrier Installed

To have a crawl space vapor barrier installed on your property, contact us for a free consultation and to learn more about the benefits of doing so. 

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