How to Dry a Damp Crawl Space

January 29th, 2019

Dealing with a leak or flood in your house is never fun. However, you have a better chance of spotting a leak in your main area than you do in your crawl space. 

If you noticed your crawl space is damp, you have to do something about it. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse. 

Read on for damp crawl space drying tips.

Stop The Water Source: Create Better Drainage

The first step to dry damp crawl space is by finding out the water source. This way you can be sure no more water will get in as you're trying to clean it, and you will prevent future leaks. 

Look around your crawl space and spot cracks in the foundation that could be causing the leaks. Keep in mind a professional might need to take care of the repairs. 

The leaks in your crawl space might be due to poor drainage. If you suspect the water is getting in due to poor drainage, you can try to improve the drainage system around your house.

Insulate Better the Foundation

In order to prevent water from getting through your foundation, it's more proactive to insulate the foundation. 

Experts recommend using 1.5-inch rigid insulation for this type of project. You must ensure you tape about the seems so moisture and air don't find their way through. 

Create a Barrier on Your Crawl Space

Creating a heavy duty plastic barrier will also help you prevent future moisture and water from getting through. 

When shopping of a heavy duty plastic barrier, keep in mind the thicker the better. If you can, try to get a continuous piece of plastic, to avoid having to check for gaps and holes.

Cap the Wall Interior

The interior of the foundation also needs protection, which is why you should cap it. You can use a plastic sheet and on top of it add galvanized flashing to create leak-proof moisture battier. 

Clean Up the Standing Water

The obvious thing you need to do after you notice the water is clean up and puddles and standing water

If you want to clean the excess water you could use a vacuum cleaner with a hose extension. You can always call a professional if you don't have a vacuum with a submersible pump available to you.

Get an Electric Fan

Some crawl spaces that have plenty of ventilation can be dried out using an electric fan. Place the large electric fan inside the opening of the crawlspace and leave it on for at least ten hours or until the place has dried.

Use a Dehumidifier

A humidifier is also a great option to dry out a crawl space. The humidifier will absorb the moisture in the air. You will have to use a large humidifier. 

How to Dry Damp Crawl Space: The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to keep a dry damp crawl space, it's time you put your skills to the test. 

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