What to Do About a Moldy Crawl Space: 3 Actionable Tips for Homeowners

Mold is not only unsightly, but it can be harmful to your health. About 4.6 million cases of asthma in the US can be traced to mold exposure. 

Mold loves dark, damp places. But keep in mind that it can grow anywhere that is damp enough. Thus, moisture is the enemy in the mold prevention battle. Even if there is no standing water, mold can grow anywhere that has 60% or higher humidity in the air.

If you want to learn how to clean up a moldy crawl space and keep the mold from coming back, check out the following tips.

1. Clean the Surface Mold

Mold spores in the air can endanger your health. Thus, as soon as you realize that there is mold in your crawl space, you should take steps to clean it up.

White vinegar is a good cleaning agent for mold. It kills most species and is not toxic like bleach or other harsh chemical cleaners.

You want to avoid coming into contact with the mold spores as much as possible. Thus, use a respirator, gloves, and goggles while you clean.

Spritz the moldy area with vinegar and let it sit for up to an hour. Then scrub the area with a stiff sponge and wipe clean with a dry cloth. Spritz another light misting of vinegar and leave it to air dry.

If the mold is difficult to clean, or you don’t want to take on this undesirable job, call a professional. This is the best way to ensure that all the mold is properly removed.

2. Inspect Your Gutters

Once you’ve got the mold cleaned out of your crawl space, you want to take steps to prevent it from coming back. Preventing mold in your crawl space begins on the outside of your home. Clean and check your gutters and downspouts

Remember, dampness and moistures is the enemy. If your gutters aren’t doing their job well, you’ll end up with standing water around your foundation. That water will make its way inside and contribute to dampness in your crawl space and, subsequently, mold growth. 

3. Keep it Dry

The number one way to keep mold from growing is by not letting moisture accumulate. Inspect the foundation or below-ground walls for cracks where water can be getting in. 

Check all the plumbing and HVAC pipes for leaks. Ensure that your dryer vents are venting that moist air outside and not into your crawl space.

Moisture can sometimes come up through the ground. To combat this, you can put down plastic sheeting as a vapor barrier. This has the added benefit of showing you where water may be pooling from a leak.

If the water content of the air is still too high, try using a dehumidifier. 

Win the Moldy Crawl Space Battle

Battling a moldy crawl space isn’t a fun job, but it’s a necessary one. As with any such battle, calling in the experts is the best way to handle the problem. Once your crawl space is free of mold, follow the other tips in this article to help prevent it from growing again.

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Seal It Shut: 5 Undeniable Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

A crawl space may not be the first area that comes to mind when it comes to taking care of your home. But that could be a costly and unhealthy mistake.

A dirty, wet crawl space will have a negative impact on your living conditions and to your home’s structure. Poor air quality, mold, and wood rot are some of the damaging factors it can cause.

But having an encapsulated crawl space will get rid of all those worries for you, and so much more. Let’s look at 5 benefits a crawl space encapsulation will give you.

1. Improved Air Quality

Many people don’t realize that the air quality in their home is largely affected by the air in their crawl space. And when that crawl space is full of moisture, it allows mold, pollen, and pathogens to grow, making their way into the air that your family breathes.

But an encapsulated crawl space eliminates that humidity and moisture. It takes with it all the harmful particles and leaves cleaner, healthier air in its place.

2. Reduced Structural Issues

Moisture and humidity don’t only cause poor air quality. It can have a damaging and costly effect on your home’s structure as well.

When moisture collects under your home, it begins to rot away the wood and create damaging mold growth on building materials. Not only that, it can compromise the integrity of the soil and warp your home’s foundation.

Crawl space encapsulation can save you thousands of dollars in preventable structure repair.

3. Lower Energy Costs

When hot outside air gets into your crawl space, it can make it a challenge to keep your home cool. Same goes when cold air collects under your house when you’re trying to stay warm.

But crawl space encapsulation seals out that unwanted outside air from getting under your home. It helps your HVAC system work more effectively and can extend its lifespan. Plus, it saves you money on your monthly utility bills.

4. It’s an Attractive Selling Feature

When it’s time to put your home up for sale, you’ll want every advantage possible to make it stand out above the competition. And a crawl space encapsulation will do just that.

Buyers will love the benefits it offers. They’ll see it as one less thing to worry about when moving into a new home. And if they’re on the fence about a decision, it could very well be the item that tips them in your favor.

5. Increased Storage Space

If your crawl space is easily accessible, imagine the storage possibilities with an encapsulated space. It can free up much needed real estate inside your house.

With a properly sealed crawl space, elements that would normally be damaging to stored items are no longer an issue. It keeps out humidity, drafts, and pest infestations. Thus it gives you the climate-controlled storage you’ve been needing.

Improve Your Living Conditions with an Encapsulated Crawl Space

Your home is your sanctuary. With an encapsulated crawl space, you’ll not only be taking care of your home’s structure but also the quality of life inside for you and your family.

Think a crawl space encapsulation sounds like something your home needs? Contact us today with your questions and to schedule a free inspection!

I recently discovered a mild mold problem in my crawlspace and begin my search for a company to remediate. Fresh Air Tech. seemed to have the best treatment plan for my situation and was the most competitive when it came down to the price. I had the mold removed/sprayed with prevention chemicals, crawlspace cleaned with a new vapor barrier and a dehumidifier installed. I didn't know what to expect never having to deal with this before but I can ensure you these guys do not cut corners and did an excellent job. The cleaning crew (3 guys) arrived about 8AM and were under the house until about 4:45PM cleaning and sanding taking a quick 30 minute lunch break around noon. They returned the next day to install the vapor barrier and to finish cleaning up. The dehumidifier also comes with a monitor that displays the temp and moisture level down in the crawlspace which i thought was pretty cool. Excellent job, thanks again team.
Gary Young
Gary Young
03:16 14 Aug 17
Great company - thanks Neil & team for a job well done!
Carl Zimmerman
Carl Zimmerman
15:31 26 Jun 15
Mike, your page is looking Great!
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Geary Morris
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