Charlotte Residential Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers for Wet Crawl Spaces

Once you have one of our experts from Fresh Air Technologies schedule a service for mold removal in your crawlspace, our Charlotte crawl space experts recommend that you use a crawl space dehumidifier to help regulate moisture in your residential crawl space. Charlotte crawl space dehumidifiers help combat humidity and moisture which can cause mold issues, insect infestations, rotting wood and structural damage. Our team of crawlspace professionals recommend choosing our top-rated dehumidifiers specifically built for preventing destructive moisture from developing with an automatic defrost system. This system will keep the humidity and indoor air quality of your house under control. Another option for eliminating mold in your Charlotte wet crawl space is installing a ventilator. Ventilators will keep fresh, clean air flowing through your home while working directly with the crawl space dehumidifier.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier Services

It is important to have a Charlotte crawlspace dehumidifier for your home, but mold and water can still be a problem after installation if the mold issues were not addressed prior. A dehumidifier cannot fix current issues of severe mold damage or standing water in Charlotte wet crawl spaces. However, once we have taken the proper steps of dry ice blasting mold from your basement or crawlspace, then a crawlspace dehumidifier will help maintain moisture levels and prevent any other mold damage from occurring.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier Size

Our Charlotte crawlspace experts will even recommend the correct dehumidifier size for your home. The size of your dehumidifier will vary depending on the size of your crawlspace and house. We will come to your home and measure your crawlspace to ensure you receive the properly sized dehumidifier. The indoor air quality professionals at Fresh Air will ensure your home crawl space dehumidifier will regulate humidity and moisture accordingly. If you own a smaller crawlspace, you can use a standard dehumidifier. However, if you have a medium to large sized crawlspace, it will be necessary to purchase a more advanced dehumidifier model. Regardless of which type of home crawl space dehumidifier you need, it is one of the best options for maintaining indoor air quality of your encapsulated crawl space to give your home the appropriate level of moisture. Contact the experts at Fresh Air Technologies today to schedule a Charlotte crawl space inspection.

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