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Carefree Crawl Space Check-Up & Equipment Maintenance Report

It is time to schedule your Carefree Crawl Space Check-Up Inspection and Equipment Maintenance Report! Properly observing and maintaining the environment within your crawl space ensures years of improved indoor air quality, the continued structural integrity of building components, and an overall peace of mind in knowing what is happening within the care free crawl space without the need to venture inside. Every year we recommend an inspection and equipment maintenance report to ensure your carefree crawl space is functioning properly.

When our crawl space technicians arrive at your home, they will first inspect the carefree crawl space for any moisture intrusion or other issues that are happening. The examination will then include observation of plumbing leaks, evidence of new moisture intrusion, insect or vermin infestation, evidence of contractor damage to crawl space components, and any other information that may be of interest to the homeowner.


Care Free Crawl Space Inspections

  • Dehumidifier Check-Up – The technician will check for the correct operation of the equipment and to see if the effluent is properly discharging in the designated location. Our care free crawl space technician will observe the complete dehumidification cycle and adjust the controls for seasonality. The air filter will be replaced if necessary and a coil cleaner will be applied to the coil to ensure optimal dehumidifier efficiency.
  • Sump Pump Check-Up – The technician will observe the correct operation of the sump pump by pouring water into the sump basin to activate the pump. The switch location will be adjusted as necessary to ensure it is operating properly, a complete pump cycle will also be observed, and a proper effluent discharge will be notated.
  • Sealed Crawl space Checkup – The liner of the sealed crawl space will be inspected for rips, tears, and other contractor damage. If there are moderated repairs needed, then they will be made at no charge. The method of conditioning will be adjusted for seasonality. The fresh air intake will be inspected and cleared as necessary.

Lastly, we will prepare and email your site specific Crawl space Check-Up Report that details our findings. In the email we will schedule the next visit if necessary based off the results. Sometimes out of site equals out of mind and the last place you might be thinking of is that dark space under your feet. Let Fresh Air take the worry from you to properly manage the environment within your carefree crawl space! We truly make it Carefree! To schedule a carefree crawl space inspection and equipment maintenance report just contact us at (704) 622-7877. Please note you do not need to be home for this service to be completed.

Take advantage of Fresh Air Technologies’ knowledge and expertise by scheduling your FREE estimate today! Simply contact us using the button below or by giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for choosing Fresh Air Technologies!

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