Carefree Crawl Space

Crawlspace Check-Up & Equipment Maintenance Report

It is time to schedule your Carefree Crawlspace Check-Up Inspection and Equipment Maintenance Report!

Properly observing and maintaining the environment within your crawlspace ensure years of improved indoor air quality, the continued structural integrity of building components, and an overall peace of mind in knowing what is actually happening down there without the need to venture inside. Here is what is included in the plan:

The following additional inspection parameters will apply depending on the method of moisture control deployed within your crawlspace:

Carefree Crawl Space Check-Up Email Report – Prepare and email your site specific Crawlspace Check-Up Report that details our findings and schedule the next visit.

The total cost of this service is $89.00 per visit. Sometimes out of site equals out of mind and the last place you might be thinking of is that dark space under your feet. Let Fresh Air take the worry from you and let us properly manage the environment within your crawlspace! We truly make it Carefree!

To schedule this service or to have questions answered please email or call our office a call at 704-622-7877. Please note you do not need to be home for this service to be completed.

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