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During periods of heavy precipitation, some homeowners have to deal with the unpleasant reality that their basement is flooded. As a result, homeowners may find their personal items are damaged and any wet materials will easily mold. Water in flooded basements may contain bacteria and viruses and entering a wet basement may be an electrical hazard. If you are searching for drainage companies in Charlotte, Fresh Air Technologies will provide you with the basement waterproofing services you need.

Understanding how water flows in and around a building foundation can be a complex issue as there are several ways for water to infiltrate into the basement of a structure. Our trained moisture intrusion specialists have years of experience working in one of the most professional basement waterproofing companies in Charlotte. We will develop for you a comprehensive site-specific solution to solve even your most technical basement moisture intrusion problems. We are not a franchise or a company that pushes a “one product fits all” methodology. We address the Charlotte drainage systems problem at hand with a common sense practical solution, using only quality materials.

What are the most common ways for water to penetrate into a basement?

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Charlotte Basement Waterproofing & Charlotte Drainage Systems

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