Charlotte Whole House Air Purification Systems

Biaplas Residential and Light Commercial Air Purification Systems

Fresh Air Technologies is offering these amazing air purification systems to both our residential and light commercial customers in the Charlotte metro area. If you need home air purifiers, this Charlotte air purification installation option is an excellent choice for bringing indoor air quality to your residence!

The BiaQ Tech D-300 can handle the most demanding indoor air quality challenges. BiaQ Tech D-300 is to be mounted in-duct with the built in frame. A single unit will handle up to 2,000 CFM (4,250 CMH) capacity per unit, 

The BiaQ Tech D-300 is ideal for small scale home air purification installation including
residential and smaller size commercial size facilities.

Air Purification System

Does this system come with a warranty?

Yes. This system has a one year warranty on all parts and labor…

Is there any maintenance needed for this home air purification?

You will need to maintain your filter for your HVAC system. Dirt will affect the longevity of the tube. The average life of the tube is 2 to 3 years.  A replacement for the tube costs about $129.00.  Other than the HVAC filter and the tube replacement there is no additional maintenance needed.

This air purification installation system requires a regular 110 outlet to power the system. If you do not have an outlet we can have one installed for you or you can use your licensed electrician to install the outlet.

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