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Professional Home Air Duct Cleaning

Your Charlotte HVAC systems serve as the respiratory system for your home. This air duct cleaning system works best when it is free from dirt and airborne contaminants. Having your Charlotte HVAC systems cleaned and using high quality air filters in your Charlotte HVAC systems will help bring down the levels of airborne contaminants trapped in your home and improve your indoor air quality.

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Should I clean my ducts if I just installed a new heating and air conditioning unit?

Investing in air duct cleaning services is a great idea when you change or upgrade your Charlotte HVAC systems. A new or upgraded fan may operate at wind speeds higher than that of your old system. This can cause the debris in your duct system to become entrained in the air flow and disperse into your home creating a significant indoor air quality and dust issue. It is best to clean the air duct system just prior to having the new unit installed.

Why should I clean my air ducts?

The EPA states that a home can accumulate up to 40 pounds of dust annually, some of which will eventually find its way into the duct system. You are in a bigger disadvantage if your vents are located on the floor, as dust will accumulate near floor via gravity not to mention construction debris. Contaminants in the air can affect allergies, asthma & other respiratory ailments. Simply changing your air filter may not be enough. Depending on the quality and condition of your air filter, many airborne contaminants such as pollen, dog hair, and skin dander may bypass your filter and end up in your ductwork and on coils. Moisture and humidity can easily turn dirty ducts into moldy ducts, compromising your entire home's air quality. Proper home air duct cleaning will not only remove these contaminants but it will also increase the efficiency of your system and lower your energy bill.

Fresh air Technologies has been performing professional home air duct cleaning services for over 16 years. Our trained staff will perform your air duct cleaning services project as outlined in the standards established by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

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