Charlotte Commercial Probiotic HVAC Cleaners

Probiotic HVAC CLeaners

Our commercial HVAC cleaning products are unique as they are the only offerings to incorporate safe & effective probiotics for internal & external coil cleaners. Our products truly do more than just clean, they bring together performance and energy management using naturally biodegradable products without harsh chemicals. Our team of professional Charlotte commercial probiotic cleaners work hard to get the job done efficiently.


  • Impacts Biological Contamination / Biofilm
  • Cleaning at the microscopic level
  • Neutral pH – Safe to Apply
  • No damage to coils or tower
  • Extends Equipment Life Cycle


  • Restores Performance
  • Regain lost tonnage
  • Improves Thermal Efficiency
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Reduced Compressor Failure

Our Charlotte commercial probiotic cleaners are suitable for use on all types of coils and cooling towers including large capacity units for commercial & industrial facilities, rooftop units, & smaller scale residential units. In all instances our products offer a unique level of commercial hvac cleaning to improve operational performance, IAQ and Energy Efficiency.


Our Charlotte HVAC cleaners take a whole new approach to industrial maintenance using foam vs water & harsh chemicals to clean industrial equipment. Designed to be a single platform system with the capabilities of cleaning nearly any system, any size, and in any industrial sector ranging from oil refineries to office buildings.

Industrial equipment consumes 70% of all our energy. Up to half of this energy is wasted due to systems running ineffectively. In addition, tens of billions are spent on toxic chemicals to clean these systems, which results in a literal ocean of toxic waste streams. By re-thinking and innovating the industrial maintenance process, our products change what is possible unleashing new economic value, all while dramatically reducing industries’ environmental footprint.


None of the constituents used in our HVAC products, including the proprietary blend of safe, beneficial Probiotic bacteria, are listed on any of the cautionary lists of the EPA, FDA, and or the USDA. The products make no claims of biocidal action, and contain no ingredients requiring a cautionary statement or registration.

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