Charlotte Commercial Powerworx E3 Clean Power System (CPS)

The Powerworx E3 Clean Power System (CPS)

Fresh Air Technolgies, in cooperation with PES Electrical Services, is now offering the PowerwoRx Clean Power System (CPS), a unique application of proven technology! The CPS provides your business with the electrical power conditioning capabilities previously available only to the largest facilities and installations. The PowerwoRx E3 Clean Power System is a commercial clean power system that is easy to install by our licensed electricians and provides immediate benefits for the user. In one cost-effective and maintenance-free package, PowerwoRx provides power factor correction, complete surge and spike suppression, and noise filtration.

Where would I place Powerworkx e3 systems in my facility?

The PowerwoRx has assembled and configured these functions in a manner that provides the most simple and cost-effective way in which to utilize the technology. These are proven commercial clean power system technologies and methods for achieving the specified ends. All PowerwoRx models share the following characteristics:

What is the environmental impact of Powerworx e3 systems?

PowerwoRx also protects the environment. Each year, a typical industrial PowerwoRx unit can save electricity, achieving saved natural resources, lower atmospheric emissions and reduced hazardous waste.

The PowerwoRx Clean Power Systems is designed to provide the following benefits for the commercial/industrial user:

Government Incentives for Charlotte Clean Power Systems

The Federal government and some state government agencies offer incentives for the installation of energy savings devices. Please visit the knowledge bank to see State incentives. As an example of the success of these programs, many Continental Power Corporation customers in Pennsylvania have successfully used the Small Business Advantage Grant Program to help fund the purchase and installation of Continental PowerwoRx equipment.

PowerwoRx e3 commercial Clean Power Systems dramatically reduce operating expenses by saving energy, lowering maintenance costs and extending the useful life of motors and machinery.

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