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Professional Charlotte Cooling Tower Cleaning & Restoration

Fresh Air Technologies introduces the HVAC System restoration and optimization for Charlotte cooling towers. Energy is the most expensive continuous purchase associated with building ownership. Facility managers are under constant pressure to drive this cost down all while preserving capital investment, and being responsible for the safety and comfort of all building occupants.

An efficient way to achieve all these goals is to restore the performance metrics of the facilities HVAC systems equal to new factory specifications and keep them this way. Before, energy management equipment maintenance, and occupant safety and comfort were considered separate activities. Fresh Air Technologies’ innovative restoration process merges all these factors together.

The HVAC System

Fresh Air Technologies’ HVAC System is a proven, effective, multi-faceted, and environmentally friendly procedure that will:

  • Restore equipment performance to new factory specification
  • Reduce operational energy consumption and cost
  • Extend the equipment life cycle thus delaying capital expenditure
  • Improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort
  • Reduce the risk of Legionnaire’s Disease and other dangerous bacterial infections

The Cooling Tower Cleaning Process

Our HVAC Charlotte cooling tower cleaning process is unique because it specifically targets the removal of biofilm, the number one reducer of thermal conductivity associated with HVAC systems performance. A system devoid of biofilm has less chance of fouling by particulate accumulation and will stay optimized longer. It is in the biofilm where potentially harmful and dangerous microbes such as legionella and nuisance bacteria that cause “Dirty Sock Syndrome” reside. Standard cleaning processes only removes superficial debris, pushing contaminates deeper into the center of the coil. Most HVAC coil & commercial cooling towers cleaning services performed today are purely cosmetic. Biofilm is something traditional cleaning procedures do not and cannot address.

Our patented, green friendly process utilizes pH neutral, non-toxic, environmentally safe proprietary probiotic foam solutions to attack biofilm on a microbial level and safely removing debris. The process is safe for all types of HVAC systems including DX and chilled water systems that include the restoration of even the largest HVAC commercial cooling towers. Most HVAC Charlotte cooling tower cleaning is simply cosmetic, Because we restore without harsh chemicals and acids, our system conforms to the cleaning standards of today’s difficult to clean micro-channel units.

We are looking for candidates to include in our pilot program where we will set up an onsite demonstration / informative luncheon at a site you designate to introduce you to this energy saving process. Properly cleaning cooling tower fill and HVAC coil cleaning is the key to effective cooling and energy efficiency. Our HVAC and Charlotte cooling tower cleaning maintenance program routinely saves our clients thousands of dollars in equipment replacement costs and energy consumption.

Take advantage of Fresh Air Technologies’ knowledge and expertise by scheduling your FREE estimate today! Simply contact us using the button below or by giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for choosing Fresh Air Technologies!

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