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Commercial Dry Ice Blasting Services

If you are searching for dry ice blasting companies in Charlotte or the surrounding area, then look no further than Fresh Air Technologies. In fact, we are the first Charlotte air quality solutions company to pioneer the use of dry ice blasting. Throughout the years, our team of dry ice blasting experts have demonstrated the use of dry ice blasting as a safe, thorough and effective alternative to harsh chemical cleaning of our client’s equipment and surfaces. Additionally, Charlotte commercial dry ice blasting leaves no chemical residue that could potentially harm equipment. Our team of dry ice blasting professionals have helped many companies across various industries.

Commercial Dry Ice Blasting Benefits

Dry ice blasting is a heavy, non-abrasive cleaning media used for removing contaminants from mechanical and industrial machines, parts and difficult to clean equipment. Charlotte commercial dry ice blasting is non-toxic, chemical free and does not generate secondary waste. Once the pellets hit the surface they dissipate instantly leaving a safe, clean surface while other cleaning methods can be toxic. The blasting stream overcomes many of the common obstacles found with industrial equipment blasting that make it difficult to get around using the traditional brushing and sanding techniques. Additionally, dry ice blasting will significantly decrease downtime for your equipment and increase productivity by eliminating dirt and contaminants such as resins, tars, soot, mold, inks, adhesives, oil and grease. In fact, the equipment downtime that was once measured in days are reduced to hours and is less abrasive than other methods.

Dry Ice Blasting Services Information

If you are looking for a commercial dry ice blasting company then contact the experts at Fresh Air Technologies today. We have helped many companies across numerous industries throughout the years. Our Charlotte dry ice blasting experts look forward to helping you renew your equipment through dry ice blasting. Contact us today to schedule commercial dry ice blasting appointment.

Commercial Dry Ice Blasting

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