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Fresh Air Technologies provides Charlotte air duct cleaning services to clients in the Charlotte, NC area and surrounding cities. Air duct cleaning is an important part of any commercial indoor air quality management program. What is required for cleaning commercial air duct systems is much different than cleaning residential air duct systems and our experienced team has extensive knowledge on how to clean both types of systems. The Fresh Air team can read and understand mechanical drawings of commercial air ducts so that we can locate and protect the sensitive air flow monitoring equipment and dampers.

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Our Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning Experience

Fresh Air Technologies specializes in working with HVAC companies and their clients to perform air duct cleaning services for their clients who may have an older, less efficient HVAC units removed and replaced with a new unit. It is important to clean your ducts when you change or upgrade your HVAC system. A new or upgraded fan can produce wind speeds higher than that of your old system. This can cause the debris in your duct work to blow into your business and create a significant air quality issue.

I have black specs on my desk each morning. Are my ducts dirty?

Not necessarily. Most of the time those black specs are insulation fibers that have broken loose from the insulation liner of your ductwork. A cleaning to remove the insulation that has broken loose followed by the sealing of the ductwork with an approved encapsulate will solve the problem.

Our office is open all day. How intrusive is the air duct cleaning going to be?

Commercial air duct cleaning is a fairly intrusive and loud process. All work will be done in off hours, either at night or on the weekends. We take extra care to make sure all work stations and flooring is protected with plastic before we begin our work. At the end of the shift, all floors are vacuumed to ensure we leave your space cleaner than we found it.

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