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  • Dangers Of Mold In Your Home

    Many people do not realize they have mold in their home. Mold growth can develop anywhere that has a source of moisture. However, most often mold grows around plumbing, roof leaks, in crawl spaces with exposed wood, and by the HVAC ductwork. If there is too much humidity in an area of your home, mold

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    Steps to Follow if your Basement Floods

    Is your basement or crawlspace flooded from heavy rains of the recent hurricanes? It is important to know what to do if your basement or crawlspace floods to prevent putting you and your family in danger. Many people think they should clean up their flooded basement by themselves, but it is imperative to not go

  • Radon & the Real Estate Transaction
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    Radon & the Real Estate Transaction

    We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of radon related calls in Charlotte in the last quarter of the year. This, in my opinion, has everything to do with the ending of the long term regional-wide drought and the displacement of the radioactive gas upward due to the finally rising water table. According

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