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Fresh Air Technologies takes pride in operating primarily on a referral basis and strives to build and maintain long-term relationships with its clients. Please take a look at a few of the testimonials submitted to us over the years. If you would like to leave a Testimonial, please fill out the short form at the bottom of the page.

  • “Work is almost complete. I am very impressed with the quality of the work. Well worth the price. Thank you.”

    Frances & Steve Blackwell
  • “I waited to write this review until winter cold so I could accurately rate the performance gains by having this kind of repair service done to a house. My house is heated and cooled with a heat pump. Two of my 4 bedrooms would be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Not any more! The air temp for the entire second floor is uniform both in summer and in winter!” The way the system works is that Peter Natland and his crew seal every air register in the house. They hook up a computerized monitor and are able to measure (in cfm) the amount of air leakage you have. My house started out with a total of 90 CFM of leakage. Then for the next 20 minutes, they inject a sealing compound into the duct system and are able to print out on a graph the performance gains as the sealer does its work. When completed, I only had 4CFM of leakage! What this means is that the two bedrooms at the end of the line were now getting the air needed to cool and heat them. My heat pump also ran less often to maintain the temp in our home. All this was done without cutting holes or otherwise gaining access to to the duct system that was installed in the ceiling between the first and second floor. The last step was to disconnect the monitor, remove the seals from the ductwork throughout the house, and install the register covers. When they left there was no trace that they had even been there except for the fact that every room in the house was now the same temperature. Although this was an expensive project, in the end it was money well spent as the efficiency of my heat pump has been improved and the house is way more comfortable!”

    Charlotte, NC
  • “Compliments to your company! I can’t say enough positive things about the quality of the work received from all your crews. In addition, they were always courteous and on schedule. Please extend my accolades to each employee. I especially appreciated Rolando Hernandez and his assistant for staying well after dark to repair the master closet so that I could manage separating my clean clothes from the ones being stored in bags to be removed. Alan, obviously, Fresh Air Technologies meets such high standards because of your knowledge, dedication, personal character and integrity. We had multiple complex health issues going on during the project at our home. I am grateful for your understanding and accommodations on our behalf. We are also impressed with the dry ice technique and the total system of remediation used by Fresh Air Technologies.”

    Faye & Dick Wogon
  • “On Monday the Kirkland A/C and heating systems guy went all under our house doing their annual inspection – as he has been doing for a very long time. When he finished he came in with eyes as big as saucers and said we had the most fantastic looking crawl space he’s ever seen! He said he was glad he didn’t have to weave his way through all of the dirt, dust, dry rot, as he did before. Thanks again. Please pass this info to Neil – and feel free to use us as a reference if you like.”

    Bob King
  • “My husband and I just wanted you to know how very impressed we were with the crew that cleaned our ducts today! They were meticulous with their set-up and the work on the ducts. They were also very personable and informative. Please thank them again for us. You are lucky to have such wonderful employees! Thanks, Missy Stewart P.S. I’m going to send an email to all Cottingham Chalk agents that I work with and recommend your company to the agents and to their clients.”

    Melissa Stewart

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