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What is Radon

Why is it an issue

How do I know if I have radon:

We recommend using a third party testing company to accurately test for the presence of Radon. We are a full service radon mitigation company, but testing and doing the mitigation work we feel is a conflict of interest. We work the area’s best radon testing professionals and we would be happy to recommend someone for you.

I have Radon in my home…What do I do now?

The good news is that radon levels can be reduced easily and cost effectively. Fresh Air Technologies is a full service radon service specializing in the installation of:

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Part of the mitigation cost can depend upon what is required to conceal the system and maintain the aesthetic value of the home. For example, a retrofit system routed outside the house can reduce radon quite well, but it may not be as visually pleasing as one routed through an interior closet. We specialize in concealment and making them aesthetically pleasing.

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